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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains the basis on which we will deal with any personal data, including but not limited to payment data, and other data that we collect from you or from other sources or that you provide to us (referred to as "data"). In order to access and use the website or mobile application (collectively referred to as the “website”), services and applications (collectively referred to as “services”). We understand the importance of this data, and we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please read the following carefully to understand our data practices. By using our services, you agree to handle the data in accordance with this privacy policy.

The references mentioned in the first person's conscience (or the like) in this privacy policy are references to and the references "to you" or "the user" are references to you as an individual or legal person, as the case may be.

What data may we collect from you?

We may collect and process the following data:

Data that you provide by filling out forms on the site, including data that was provided when registering to use the site and other joint registrations (for example, social media logins), subscribing to our services, publishing materials, or requesting other services.

Data that you provide when entering a competition or promotion through our website, completing a poll or polls, or submitting reviews, testimonials or comments.

The data that you provide to us, or that we may collect from you, when you inform us of any difficulty you face when using our site.

Record correspondence if you contact us.

General, aggregated, demographic and impersonal data.

If you download or use our mobile application, we may be able to access details related to your location and the location of your mobile phone, including the unique identifier for your device.

Details of the transactions that you have made through our website and details of our processing and delivery of the goods you ordered.

Details about your computer, including, for example, your IP address, operating system, browser type, as well as data related to your general use of the Internet (for example: by using technology that stores or accesses data on your device, such as Cookies, conversion tracking code, web beacons, etc. (collectively referred to as "cookies")).

Your email address that has been provided to us by third parties who have assured us that they have your consent to share your email address.

Any other data we consider necessary to enhance your experience using the website.

How will we use your data?

We may use data in the following cases:

To provide you with information, products or services that you request from us or we think that you may be interested in them, and where you have agreed to be contacted for such purposes.

To provide you with services based on the location in which you are located, such as advertising, search results and other content intended for you.

To implement the obligations arising from any contracts concluded between you and any other party that uses our site, or between you and us.

To improve our services and to provide better and more customized services.

To ensure that our website content is presented in the most effective way for you and the device that you use to access our website.

To notify you of changes to our site.

For any other reason we consider it necessary to enhance your browsing experience on the site.

To run incentive programs and meet your requests for these incentives, and / or to allow you to participate in competitions and to notify you in the event of winning.

To whom can we disclose the data?

Our customer data is a very important part of our business. Therefore, we do not share data except as mentioned below only and with companies that follow practices that have protection advantages, and at a minimum, similar to the advantages of those practices mentioned in the privacy policy:

Other parties. To provide our services, we may cooperate with other companies affiliated with us or service providers that are not affiliated with us (for example: logistical companies used to deliver products to you, marketing companies, processing payments to conduct online transactions, etc.). It is possible that these other companies, in order to carry out your transactions, store data in a digital wallet so that your use of our services is more effective.

You understand how important it is for these companies to have access to relevant data to perform their duties. We are keen that these companies do not use the data for other purposes. We may also receive data from these companies (for example: updated delivery data and addresses), for the purpose of using them (for example: to correct our records and deliver goods for a purchase that you make). Through your use of the site, you agree to the transfer, storage, use, and disclosure of data between our affiliates and non-affiliated service providers wherever they are located. Provided that these companies are contractually bound to respect data privacy.

Marketing and promotions. We may also use the data to provide you with information on goods and services that you may be interested in as well as enhance your experience in browsing and using the site, service messages, new features, improvements, special offers and events of interest. We may communicate with you via various channels, including but not limited to emails, web notifications, posts, phone, application messages, and news article transmission cards.

We may allow a third party to use the data, for example: we may provide data to advertisers to help them reach the target audience to enable us to comply with our obligations in front of advertisers (ie: by showing their ads to the target audience).

In addition, to participate in some of our competitions and promotions, you may be required to provide additional data. For example: If